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Adele Dunn, parent

“ECG is an incredible place, with dedicated staff and a truly supportive environment. Unlike mainstream schools, the ECG team understands that kids are whole people, not just numbers in a classroom. They welcome the students as they are, with all of their unique qualities, and they address all of their individual needs and interests. They really get mental health and wellbeing, and when they say they are inclusive, they mean it. It is a safe space where the students can not only succeed, but truly shine.

Both of my daughters have attended ECG and have absolutely loved it. For Kasey, the experience was utterly life-changing. At her prior schools, she was disengaged and defeated, but at ECG she thrived. She has now graduated and is achieving great things in her life. Her younger sister, Elly-May, enrolled the day after her 15th birthday, and it was the best thing we have ever done for her. She loves school, and misses it during the holidays. She, too, has blossomed at ECG.

When I talk about ECG and all that it has done for my family, it gives me goosebumps. It is such a wonderful place – I truly mean that – and I can’t say enough about it.”