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Potential students interested in attending ECG College must complete our 3-step application process.

  1. Book a tour/meet and greet:
  2. At the tour:
    • learn more about our approach
    • see if our school is the right fit for you
    • take a tour of the campus
    • see what the school is really like for our students
  3. Finally, if it is a good match, you will be invited to come back for an interview and to formally enrol.

Please note: places in our school are in high demand. At various times throughout the year, our campuses may be at capacity. Rest assured, we maintain a waiting list and keep in regular contact with potential students to get them on board as soon as possible.

Need more information about the ECG Secondary College experience?
Check out our Parent and Student Handbook.


Passionate, professional, personable

If there is one thing we really care about at ECG Secondary College, it’s people.

We have recruited a team of people who are fully qualified, highly skilled, easy to approach and genuinely enthusiastic about what they do. We care about results – not grades.

Our team includes our management team, our teachers and our youth workers. We all work together to give our students the best possible experience in our school.

Extra support

It’s pretty hard to concentrate on a lesson if your life is upside down (or even a little wonky).

That’s why we have a robust support system, with several Youth Workers on staff and regular, free, confidential access to professional counselling services on campus.