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Q. Does ECG Secondary College accept students who have left other schools?

Absolutely! In fact, we specialise in this. We understand that a mainstream school environment isn’t a great fit for everyone. That’s why we offer an alternative.

Many students who come to ECG Secondary College after struggling at another school tell us that they ‘finally feel at home’ in the classroom. We never get tired of hearing that.

Q. How big is ECG Secondary College?

Our school has three campuses and offers Foundation, Intermediate and Senior levels. However, our classes are generally pretty small. On average, our classes have about half the number of students you would expect to find in a standard classroom.

Smaller classes mean that each of our students gets more one-on-one attention and assistance.

Learning in a small, close-knit group is ideal for students who feel anxious in large school settings. It is also a great fit for students who need extra time and support to master new concepts.

Q. Is ECG Secondary College a ‘real’ school?

Absolutely! ECG Secondary College is a registered secondary school. Our teachers are fully qualified secondary school educators.

The difference between ECG Secondary College and a mainstream school is our approach. Our classes are smaller, our learning plans are individual to each student, and we have a real focus on creating a safe, nurturing environment where our students can thrive. Our students have more time, more support and more hands-on learning opportunities than a typical mainstream school is able to provide.

Q. What can I do after I graduate?

Our curriculum opens the door to a huge range of opportunities.

When you study at ECG Secondary College, there is a big focus on developing practical skills and work-related experience. Through the VDSS program, you can also achieve a formal qualification to help them find a job, start an apprenticeship, begin a traineeship, or go on to further study.

Q. What does ‘ECG’ stand for?

ECG stands for Education Centre Gippsland. The name comes from a time when multiple education providers united to provide hands-on learning opportunities across the Gippsland region.

Today, ‘ECG Secondary College’ or ‘Education Centre Gippsland College’ is used to describe the secondary school part of our organisation. The training and further education part of our organisation comes under the ‘Community College Gippsland’ banner.