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We have physical classrooms, experienced teachers, recognised curriculum and qualifications… but our approach is not the same as a mainstream school.

We provide hands-on, practical education for students aged 15-20 who need more time, space and support to get the most out of school.

We put our students at the centre of what they learn. The way it should be.

What is it really like?

It can be hard to imagine what a school like ECG Secondary College is really like.

To learn more:

We’re hands on

We have a flexible, innovative and practical approach to learning, delivered through the VCE Vocational Major (VM) and Victorian Pathways Certificate (VPC).

We are all about being hands-on, learning by doing and getting prepared for life. Our classroom might look like a studio, a workshop, a paddock, a hothouse, or an excursion.

Make a difference

For businesses and individuals who want to contribute to a community cause that really matters, your philanthropic donations will be warmly welcomed by our school. Your contribution can change one life, or many, by increasing access to and participation in our classes.


We know that some people find mainstream school
challenging, BUT it doesn’t mean that they can’t do
well at ECG Secondary College.

In our experience, struggling at school can often be
a case of a young person being a square peg in a
round hole. Often, they just need the right
environment to thrive. That’s where we come in.

We accept you for you and help you be your best.